Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Thursday, October 9, 2014

General Conference was awesome!

Hola! I have to be really quick because I have absolutely no time! The Explorer died! NO!!!!!!!! I cant believe it! Fix it up! 
This week was really good. Conference was awesome. It was raining super hard so the signal wasn't the best, so we didn't get to see President Monson's talk. But other than that it was good. Sunday we had investigators in the second session but they had to leave right before Elder Bednar's talk. It was the worst. Today was transfers and I am leaving Pablo Nogues. I am in an area that's called Los Peletones. I haven't been to the area but I hear that it is the smallest area ever. A missionary told me to walk from one end to the other it takes 7 minutes!! Its pure villa so that will be crazy but I am super excited. My companion is Elder Fernandez from Peru! He is awesome! I have only had like one hour with him and he is super cool. He got baptized like 2 years ago! I will give you more information next week. Thanks for everything and I love you all!

Elder Roberts

PS I have pictures to send but I will get them to you guys next week. Hey I met an elder in my zone Sunday and he knows Lloyd's family. The Zapata family. I think they might live in California right now but they lived in Lloyd's neighborhood. We started talking and he asked me if I knew chad Roberts!  Ask Lloyd if he remembers them.

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