Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, August 18, 2014

French fries and railroad tracks

A month worth of letters

8-18 Como Andan??? How's the last bit of summer? Here it warming up a lot. This week went pretty well. Yesterday was a huge blessing for us. Saturday me and my companion fasted to find the elect in our area and we had a few people committed to come to church and they all backed out. We had stake conference and we were pretty bummed that no one came but after stake conference a missionary in my stake told he found a family that's looking for me and my companion. A family from Paraguay that are members came here to Buenos Aires for the weekend to visit family and they decided to go to church and they brought there nephew to church with them and they live in our area! We were so excited! After church we went to there house and taught the mom of the member from Paraguay. The rest of the family were not there Sunday but this week we have an appointment with them! They are awesome and please pray for them. The mom of the member is Yolanda and the nephew is aldo and they accepted to be baptized so please keep them in your prayers. The stake conference went really well. Elder Gonzalez of the seventy came and gave a really good talk. I think this was my third or fourth time in my mission listening to elder Gonzalez. Our stake president passed away a few weeks ago and they reorganized the whole stake presidency. They are all super young. One of the counselors is from china! That's about it for this week. Thanks for everything! Love you guys!

8-11 Hows it going? Sounds like an awesome summer? This week went pretty good. We are still struggling a bit to find investigators but we are finding more. The ward here is doing good. We had 59 people in church yesterday and we were super happy about that. We usually have about 40. We have a few members that give us a ton of referrals so we are working a lot with them. We found an hermano this week named Walter. He is awesome. He was a referral from a member and we contacted him and a long time back his friend took him to our church a few times but he never talked with the missionaries. He accepted a baptismal date but we have a lot of work to do with him. We are still working a lot with Natalia, la hermana that is going to Sam's mission but we are trying to work with more of the members but she helps us out a ton. This week I had lunch with a man that has 101 years old! It was kind of crazy. My ward is full of old people. In the young men's we have one active member and in the young women's there is like 5 active members. But i love working with the older people. Its super fun and they are all super funny! Pray for the people in my area. We really need to find. 

8-4 Lake Powell looks awesome! Who all went? How many days did you go? This week was good. We are working a lot with the members here. We have members working with us everyday for the whole entire day. It has been helping us out a ton. We still work almost everyday with the hermana that is going to Sam's mission. This week we found a few more people to teach. We are really excited about Patricia. She was a referral from a less active member. She loved the first message we shared with her. She is having a few problems in her family and she needs the gospel.  We are doing a lot better in this area but we are still striving to find more and more people. The weather here this week was really good. It was overcast and really cool. It was perfect. My companion is so funny. I love being with him. That's about it for this week. Sorry my details are horrible. Love and miss you guys!

Hows it going? That's awesome about grand daddy lakes. That's place is the best. Dad to answer your question about pday my mission is completely flat. There aren't even hills where I'm at. We have the city and then provincia. In some parts of provincia there are huge fields of cows or things like that but there are not mountains or lakes or rivers. There is the ocean and so a lot of people go there to fish so that's one thing i will do sooner or later. The provincia is like Anabella with out cove mountain. If the people are going to leave the house to get away or do something fun they usually go to the city to do something. But I will find some fun things to do here. This week we had interviews with president Ayre. It went really well. President Ayre is the best. He talked to us again about how there is no other thing like the mission. He said we just need to take advantage of this time and enjoy every minute of it. This week we found a few really awesome families but none of them came to church. We were a little bummed but its all good. Thanks for everything! I love and miss you guys.