Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

San Martin

Today I was transferred from San Martin to Congreso in capital! I am super excited! I thought I was going to stay in San Martin because elder Molina has almost 5 months there so I was super surprised! My companion is Elder Fuentes. He is from Santiago, Chile and also doesn't speak English. He is awesome! That is awesome Sam is going to be district leader in his area!! He will learn a lot. This week was pretty good in San Martin. We dropped a ton of investigators because they were not progressing but we got a few referrals from some members that I think will be baptized soon. This week me and elder Molina were walking in our area and all of the sudden we saw two sister missionaries proselyting in our area. We were so confused because the closest sisters to us are like 45 minutes away. We went up to them and asked if they were lost but they understood nothing. They are missionaries from the mtc here. The mtc dropped off like 6 missionaries in our area and they just went around and talked to people in the streets. I wish I had been able to do that in Provo. Dad- ya there are a ton of less actives here. The vision of this mission is we work only through the members and especially the less actives and recent converts. We teach a lot of less actives and recent converts and we find a lot of investigators through them. Most of them have members of their family that are not members or good friends that are not members and we are  teaching them. But I have learned a lot about the church here in Argentina. That's crazy  that everyone will start receiving their mission calls. I am super excited to see where Taylor is going! I love and miss you all!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Investigators coming to church

January 13
This week was good! Yesterday morning we had 3 investigators come to church but only 2 at our church. Sunday morning we got on a bus to go pick up Natalia and half way there she called us and said she was sick. We were a little disappointed but half way through sacrament we got a text from other elders in our district saying that Natalia showed up at their church. She decided to go last minute but forgot where our church was but works by the lds church in another area so went there! Mauricio came to church with us again yesterday! So far we have not seen a lot of progress in him but he is still really interested! This week cooled down a ton and it felt so nice! We are working really hard to have a lot of lessons with members present. We try to have a member with us at all times and it has helped a lot. We really want to get referrals from the members here so we are going to work a lot on that this week. Mom I just finished your syrup and I loved it! Thanks for that. I have pancakes pretty much everyday now. They are starting to look a little more like normal pancakes now. Also the peanut butter was super good! Dad I am starting to eat more of your type of candy. Peanut butter and apples, oranges, granola. Its alright. Are you still getting snow?  Is it freezing there? Everyone here is asking me how you guys are doing because they say the united states is extremely cold? Thanks for everything!  I miss and love you all!

Elder Roberts

Hows it going? That's awesome Angela had Elder Merenda over for dinner. I only served with him for one week but I loved it. He is an awesome missionary. I think that means he is in our ward so you should try to find him. This week was pretty good. We thought we were going to have a baptism for Natalia but we didn't. She had her baptismal interview and passed and was already but Friday night she talked with here x husband and he wasn't happy with it and we couldn't find her Saturday and she didn't show up Sunday. Kind of a bummer but we are going to work with her this week. But a few weeks ago we found a lady from the Dominican Republic and she has been to church a few times in the Dominican Republic and she came to church yesterday! We are excited to work with her. This mission is really pushing to have lessons with members. This week we had a member with us almost 24/7 and it is helping so much. We are really working to get more members to help us out because most of the members that come out with us are either less active or inactive. They love to work with us but its hard to get them to church. This week was pretty hot again but I am getting really used to it. Next week is transfers and me and elder Molina are pretty sure one will stay and one will go. But this means I will write you guys on Tuesday next week. Have fun in st. George! I miss and love you! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years! New Years was a lot like Christmas. Dinner at night and lots of fireworks. We got permission to stay out until 1030 and eat dinner with a member. It was pretty fun. New years day there was no one in the streets. It was empty. It was super weird. We had two investigators come to church yesterday. One we found last week, his name is Mauricio. He is 17 years old and is atheist but he is really interested in the church. He had a really good experience at church and wants to learn more. We are really excited about him. We also found two families this week that weren't able to make it out to church but both of these families fathers passed away within a year. We are super excited to teach them about the plan of salvation. We really need to get them to go to church. That is such a hard thing to do here- to get people to go to church. We have a member that on most Sundays helps us with transportation and we leave our pension at 7 and we go and try to pick up all our investigators but when we don't have him we have to do a lot of walking and then take a bus for like 10 minutes. It is really hard because it is super early and then it costs a bit of money and it takes time. Emanuel who was baptized a few weeks ago, received the priesthood and I got to pass the Sacrament with him yesterday! It was awesome! He is an awesome kid. Pray for Mauricio and Natalia and her family. Thanks for everything. Love and miss you all!

This was a huge rain storm in the morning.

This is where I write every week. There are a ton of abandoned cars in the streets like this.

family! Thanks for everything! Love and miss you all!

Elder Roberts