Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Staying in Constitucion

Easter was just a normal day yesterday. No one really talked much about it. So today was transfers. I am staying here in Constitucion and Elder Fuentes got transferred. My companion is Elder Flores from Colombia! He is awesome! I only have like 2 hours with him so I don't know a lot about him but I am really excited. He is from Bucaramanga, Colombia. Ask Grandpa Clark if he knows where that is. You need to have Grandpa write me and tell me about Colombia or things my companion might know. Elder Flores's first companion in the mission was Elder Harrison who is Tyler's friend and is from draper. Yesterday Agustin got baptized! He and his family were former investigators that me and Elder Fuentes found like 3 months ago but they did not progress at all so we dropped them. About 2 months ago we passed by their house one morning before church and invited them to church and Agustin decided to come. We didn't really think anything of it and we didn't talk to them for a while but about two weeks ago Agustin found us in the street and said he has been waiting for us to go to church every Sunday morning ever since he came to church for the first time and we never came to pick him up. We brought him to church the next Sunday and taught him all the lessons and he got baptized the next week! He is a funny kid! This week we were working and president called all the missionaries in the zone and invited us all to go to the stadium of the boca and he payed for all of us to go in and we hung out for a bit and he took a picture for our zone. He is starting like a blog or facebook page for our mission so he wants to have pictures and stuff for it. The barbecue last Monday at President Ayre's house was awesome! I felt like I was in the US. We had a ton of hamburgers, hot dogs with soda and chips. There was basketball, trampoline, ping pong and American board games inside. It was super fun. That's about it for this week. One of our investigators his name is Miguel and he is reading the Book of Mormon and praying and really wants to get to know our church so pray that he can receive an answer about our church. Pray that we can find the elect! We have a lot of people that we are going to contact this week so we are super excited for them. Thanks for everything! I love and miss you all! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

A barbecue at President Ayre's house

Hola hows it going? How was jaxsons birthday? Sorry I am writing so early but today President Ayre invited my zone and a few other zones to his house and we are going to have a barbecue so we have to do our mail right now! President is so awesome! This week my companion had a doctor appointment to see what they should do with his heart problems and he is going to have surgery in a few weeks. From what the doctor said it is really simple. It will take like 40 minutes and within a week he will be able to do what ever he wants. They are going to get to his heart by operating through his groin! He is so scared about that. But he is all good and hasn't had any problems for awhile. The day we went to the hospital was paro in Argentina. It's where they shut down everything. There were no buses, trains, subways, gas stations, and almost everything else was closed. And this was through out all of Argentina. And the hospital is a few hours from my area and we had no transportation so President Ayre drove us around all day. It was super fun. After the doctor appointment we found an open store and he bought us cookies, chips, and drinks and then we went to McDonald's and he bought us combo meals with mcflurrys! Mcdonalds was practically the only thing that was opened everywhere. It was awesome. This week was pretty good. We dropped a few more of our investigators because they were not progressing. We are working really hard on receiving referrals from the members. We had zone conference this past week and we are really focusing on visiting less actives and finding through them. The four types of less actives that president wants us to visit are members that are endowed, Return missionaries, Brothers with the Melchizedek priesthood, and Sisters that are widows and have kids. There are a lot of less actives and in actives in these categories and we are really trying to find through them. This week got really cold but I am enjoying it for now but I hear it gets a lot colder than it has been. Oh and I got one of my packages! The one with the blender and candy and peanut butter! Thanks for that mom- I loved it all! There is nothing better than American candy. Thanks for everything! I love and miss you guys. And next week is transfers so I will be writing you guys Tuesday.
Oh and make sure to thank Uncle Mike for the birthday card he sent to me. It was funny!!! He put some Spanish words in it.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Happy Birthday Jaxson!!!! Have an awesome day! This week was awesome! I loved conference! I watched the Saturday sessions in Spanish and the Sunday sessions in English and the priesthood session started at 9 and that's when we have to be in our house so we weren't able to watch priesthood but we will see it soon! I loved all of it! The Saturday session Richard G. Scott recorded his talk in Spanish so it was fun hearing his voice and a few others also spoke Spanish so they recorded theirs also. I really want to hear the priesthood session. I heard President Monson said something about Jabari Parker? I loved the talk from Gary Stevenson about the Olympics and how this life is our 4 seconds. I heard people from Utah did super good in the Olympics? I also loved the talk from M.Russel Ballard! Take his challenge and study preach my gospel and invite at least 1 person every quarter! Its the least you can do. I also loved the talk of the sister that spoke Saturday morning. Remember to read the scriptures and pray daily and have a weekly family home evening. Thanks to you mom I have a testimony of Family home evenings! I love doing them in the mission! This week rained a lot but it is not cold at all! It feels so nice. I just go out with my umbrella and its perfect! Yesterday a cable or something exploded so we have no light in our pension and its super dark in our pension so we have been doing everything with these two candle lights we have. I feel like a missionary in the old days! I'm really enjoying it. That's it for this week! I hope jaxson enjoys his birthday! I love and miss you all!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

La Boca vs. River

This week was good. We found a few investigators that made it out to church! I still wish we were finding more but i was happy to have investigators at church. The ward is starting to give us referrals so I'm loving that. A recent convert in another ward gave us two references and they both came to church! He was baptized about 3 weeks ago and he says its his responsibility to share the gospel now so he is super involved in the work. He is awesome. Yesterday was a huge soccer game here in Argentina. La Boca vs River and it was in the stadium of the boca which is super close to my house. These are the two biggest teams in Argentina and they only play a few times every year. The people were going  crazy before it started. There were fireworks in the streets and people hanging on the sides of buses going to the stadium. But after it started the streets were empty and we could hear the noise of the stadium while we were working. It was cool. This week the weather was really nice. A ton of overcast and a few days of rain. I loved it. I am so excited for conference! This is my first conference away from Utah. Its weird to think where I was at the last conference! That's it for this week. I love the mission! I love and miss you all!

Getting referrals!

March 24
How is it going? Tell Riley Happy Birthday!!! I don't have her email. That's a bummer about byu. How did jabari Parker do this year? Have you heard if he is going on a mission? This week was pretty good. We are working with members a lot. We are starting to get referrals so were super excited about that. Yesterday at church we were expecting this huge family to show up but the mom and oldest of the family  just sent all the little kids to church so we had 7 little kids without their parents show up and they have never been to church before. They were super crazy. It wasn't the greatest. They were super loud and would not listen to a thing we said. But it turned out alright. Yesterday we had a meeting in the morning with our stake president and President Ayre. It was awesome! I learned a ton. Our stake president is super focused on the work and is super awesome. He kind of took over the meeting and told President Ayre what we need to do in our stake and President Ayre loved all of it. We are working a ton with the members and we still need to work a ton more with them. That's about it for this week. Pray that we can find the elect in our area. Thanks for the pictures and letters. Love you all!