Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, March 17, 2014

Lots of Rain!

This week was really good. My birthday was just like any other day in the mission. We had a lot of appointments so we were super busy.I didn't really have any time to do anything special or buy anything but I enjoyed my day. One day this week it rained like no other! It was crazy. We were a bit aways from our pension and a bus driver got killed( We only heard some robbers entered a bus and started robbing and the bus driver did something to them so they killed him), so they shut down all the buses to protest in our area so we could only walk and we had no time to go to the pension and get stuff so we got drenched. I have never been drenched like that especially in church clothes. It rained hard all day and did not stop. A lot of the streets here were like rivers. I loved it! This week we improved a lot. A few of our investigators came to church so we are really excited about that. Two of the kids of the Chungara family came to church. The parents had to work but the mom said she is coming no matter what this next week. 6 of them are under the age of 8 and they are all crazy kids so we weren't too sad that they didn't come without their parents. We are struggling a little with finding new investigators but we are working really hard with that. Pray that we can find the elect. That's about it for this week. I am loving it here. I am learning so much. Thanks for everything. Still waiting for your guys letters. Sorry I write so early. It's 12:30 here. I love you all!
Elder Roberts

You might want to hold off on sending any more packages. The sister in the office told me she thinks there is going to be more problems with the mail, so when it gets back to normal, I will let you know.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Hola familia! Not a lot happened this week. We are working really hard to find people right now. We found a few new investigators this week but none of them could make it out to church. We are going to start new this week and work really hard on finding nuevos. Yesterday we received a referral to a family with 10 kids and they all live together. We talked to the dad a little bit yesterday and he is awesome. They have 7 daughters and 3 sons and they have no twins and the oldest is 17. We are super excited about them. This weekend was the last weekend of something called corzo. Every weekend in February they close off a lot of streets and tons of groups of people dress up and dance in the middle of the streets and play different instruments. Its kind of weird but a lot of people love it. We are glad its over because every Saturday night all our investigators stay out all night watching and it is impossible to get them out Sunday mornings. Something kind of random but in my area there is a hospital for crazy people and during the days these people just walk around in the city or in parks but everyone I have talked to that lives there speaks English. This week I have interviews with the President so I am super excited for that. Mom did you send me a package? I will find out tomorrow if yes. Thanks for everything! I love and miss you guys!

This week was kind of crazy. My companion has some heart problems where every once in awhile he has these mini heart attack things where his heart starts beating really fast. He usually has one like once a week and it goes for like two  minutes and then goes away. Wednesday we had interviews with president and he said I need to be really cautious with my companions heart problems and Thursday he had one of his attacks and it didn't stop for an hour so we took a remis to the hospital and they did a few things to him to make it stop and after a few hours he was all good but Sunday night at two in the morning he had another one and it didn't stop for like an hour so we went to the hospital at three in the morning. I spent my night in the waiting room but I actually slept really good. We left the hospital at like 9 in the morning and he is all good now. The hospital here reminded me of any other hospital in the US. The one we went to was really nice. I went to one in my old area and there were people everywhere with i.v.s in them everywhere I went. They were in the parking lot or laying in the hallways. It was a disgusting place. This week was transfers but me and Elder Fuentes are staying together again. I am excited for this transfer! We taught a family this week with 10 kids. The oldest is 17 years old and the dad only has 34 years old. They are awesome but didn't come to church Sunday. They are really poor and last second made the choice to go sell in the feria. It was a bummer but we are really excited for this family. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I cant believe I will be 19. I will make sure to do something fun this day. And mom I won't be getting my packages very soon. There is a place in Argentina that is holding all the packages that are coming in and to get your package you have to go to this place and buy your package for like 200 pesos and the mission can't go to this place everyday and check for packages and then buy them so I will get them in a bit. Thanks for everything! Please pray for the familia Chungara. I miss and love you all!