Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My apartment

This week was pretty good! Not a lot different happened. At church we had 5 investigators and like 4 other non-members there, but we haven't counted them as investigators yet. Sunday was the primary program and one of our investigators is 8 years old, so everyday this week we practiced primary songs so that she could sing on Sunday. It was way fun. It was a super good way for us to keep in daily contact with this family.  It was another really hot and humid week. Here we do a ton of walking. We cover half of a ward and I have never been to over half of my area. In Salt Lake I would plan somewhere to go every 30 minutes. Here we can't do that because we have to count for walking time, buses and trains. But I really like it because we are constantly moving and are super busy. Spanish is getting better each week. I am starting to understand a lot better but it is still really hard. Any snow and skiing yet?  I miss and love you guys!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Elder Holland came to Argentina!

This week was awesome!!! Saturday Elder Holland came and spoke to all of the Buenos Aires missions! I had to wake up at 2:30 in the morning and take a bus throughout the night and morning to go see him but it was awesome!! He talked about how important our missions are and how this is the Lord's work and we need to be completely focused on the Lord. He got so into his talk, it was crazy! He was pretty much screaming in the mike! The spirit was so strong and I learned so much from him. Also Elder Soares and another General Authority spoke and they both gave really good talks! This week we only found one new investigator but we had 6 investigators at church! I was so happy but we still have a lot of work to do with them. This week was so hot and humid!! I don't think I have slept with a blanket for my whole mission. Dad I will try to answer your questions. For p-day I do my 3 hours of morning studies, then usually clean up a little bit( this morning we found a massive pile of maggots in the kitchen. I almost threw up!) We then shop and email and then for the rest of the day the whole zone plays soccer at the church. Every church I have seen here has a soccer court outside in the back. My zone has only like 5 Americans and like 30 natives so they all love soccer and they are all freaking good! I get destroyed every p-day but I am getting better. Jaxson would love it here. Soccer is so huge here. All throughout the day kids play soccer in the streets and then at nights there are fields everywhere with older people playing. Everyone said I would just eat cow here but I get a lot of chicken and pasta. Most of the food I eat is from Peru because there are a ton of Peruvians in this ward. But so far the food has been really good. I love being with Elder Molina! My Spanish still isn't that great but it is improving a lot. The only problem I have had with my companion is that he puts his toilet paper in the garbage so I taught him that you can put it in the toilet. He told me his dad said you can only put it in the garbage. He is doing better but this morning he put it in the garbage so I wasn't happy about that. But other than that I am loving it! Thank you so much for everything! Do your best to share the gospel with others. Here I am not allowed to knock random doors. We work 100 percent with the members and it is so much more effective but we need the help with more members. I love and miss you all!!!!!

Pray for the Ortega Family and Jessica and Ever!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I am loving Argentina!

Mom I hope you had an awesome birthday! Your birthday dinner looked awesome! My mouth is watering right now thinking of crab and lobster! This week was super fun! I am loving Argentina! I am in San Martin right now! I cover half of a ward but my area is huge! We do a ton of walking. My Spanish isn't the greatest but I am learning so much right now. I am completely immersed right now so all I speak is Spanish. I can communicate fine with my companion. If I am confused about something, he explains it in a way I can understand. It is really nice to be with a native. I feel really safe here. Other missionaries over-exaggerate things. All of the members say it is really safe here. There are a few sketchy places in my area, but for the most part it is really safe. I will carry my camera for a few days this week so you can see where I live. It has been hot here but it has rained a few days and when it rains - if I don't have my umbrella -I am sopping and I mean sopping! Yesterday I had to change mid day because I was like a sponge! This area has been really slow for the past while so we are working really hard right now. Me and elder Molina have been out the same amount of time so we are both new but things are going good. Yesterday at church we were expecting 3 investigators at church but only one came. The other two I guess were sick but I was excited that one came.  After church we found a family of four and taught them and it went pretty good. I love the area I am in! It is like an old, big town. It is like a big Radiator Springs but with a lot of people. There are a ton of people from Peru here so I eat a lot of Peruvian food but it is way good. Pray for Jessica and Ever and for the Ortega family! Ever wants to be baptized right now but the rest of them are searching for an answer. Thanks for everything. Love you!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


 The ocean with Buenos Aires in the background
 The City
How is it going familia? Argentina is awesome! It was so fun meeting the Eberhards at the airport! I loved that! It was so fun to talk to them! I am sorry that my typing is horrible right now I have never used a Spanish key board! Transfers were today so that is why I am writing today. This last week they put me with the zone leaders in the city until transfers. It is a crazy city. There are streets and streets of massive buildings. There are just doors everywhere and each door has like a hallway with tons of rooms just full of families. Today I just got transferred to the provinces. I have only been there for like 20 minutes so I don't know much about it. My companion is Elder Molina. He is from Rancagua Chile and speaks no English so I am using my Spanish a lot. It is already really hard but I am learning a ton. Colton Page served in his ward back home so he freaked out when I told him I knew him. He asked me if I knew anyone there and right as I said colton page he pulled a picture out of his scriptures with him and Colton. He said they write each other every week.  Dad to answer your question about Halloween, they don't celebrate it here. It looked like a normal day to me. Sunday the Zone Leaders that I am with had a baptism! I only taught her once but she is 90 years old! It was awesome! I love this mission already. President Ayre is awesome. We only work through the members so we don't knock any doors at all. I knocked a lot of doors in SLC and didn't find it effective at all. Something they do here that is really weird is they kiss each other a lot and everyone kisses everyone even the guys so I am not really used to that here. There are a lot of Peruvians here in Argentina and for some reason I am struggling to understand anything they say. The food here is good so far. The big meal of the day here is at 2 so I get pretty hungry at night but everyone says I get used to it. I will try to take as many pictures as possible but from what I hear, you shouldn't take your camera out much. At my orientation they said don't be surprised if you get robbed. If they see that I have something, they will take it. The companions I was with for the past week have both been robbed and one of them lost like his first 400 pictures in his mission so I am a little scared to take my camera out in public but I will try.My companion also knew David Archuleta. That is how Colten Page came up because I remembered they served in the same mission. I will tell you this again next week mom but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I think it is on Sunday so I hope you have an awesome day! I remember you always asked for no fighting but that was when I always got in fights, so I am sorry for that! I hope you have an awesome day! You are the best!!!! I love you so so so much!!!!! Have a great week! have to go right now, me and my companion are going to the church for something. Thanks for everything. I love you! 
 Buenos Aires, Argentina Temple
Picture from day 1 serving in the Salt Lake City South Mission. Photo taken by Mom hiding in her car as Parker and the other elders got off the Frontrunner Train!