Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Hola!!! Happy birthday Tyler!!! How old is Tyler?? 22 or 23? That's so crazy!  Its all good about the pictures mom. It really surprised me to see 52 messages.Yesterday was Mother's Day here in Argentina so Happy Mother's Day mom! I think this is like the only country with mothers day not in May but it was fun. It was just like a normal mothers day in Utah. This morning I got to watch the priesthood session of general conference. It was too late for us to watch it a few weeks ago so this morning they let us watch it. It was really good. I loved Elder Uchtdorf and elder Eyring's talks. This week we had interviews with President Ayre! It went really well. I love meeting with president ayre. He talked to us a lot about our goals for after the mission and for five years after the mission, ten yrs after the mission and twenty years after the mission. He said he thinks what keeps away from fulfilling goals is fear. I really liked that! This week for exercise I went to the church and we played basketball on the outdoor court! Its been so fun. One of the days, two of our investigators Sergio and Richard woke up at 630 and came and played with us! It was awesome. In church Richard, Sergio and Erika all came. They are the kids of the Balderrama family. The parents don't have a lot of interest but the kids are all doing well. Richard is the oldest he is 19 yrs old and he is progressing really well, so please pray for them. That's so crazy Austin is coming home this week. Time flies by way too fast. Thanks for everything and I love you all!!!

I totally shanked it!

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