Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, September 29, 2014

Zone Conference

That's crazy max and Ryan will be 14! I cant believe it! What are the plans for the birthday??? That's awesome about the football games! Bummer loss for max and Ryan buts its all good. This week went pretty well. We had zone conference and it was super good! It was all about the Book of Mormon! I loved It! Today is p-day but only until lunch because Friday we are going to the temple!!! I'm super excited! Yesterday I gave a talk in church and it went pretty well. Bishop asked me Friday to give a talk so I only had 2 days of preparation but I was happy because last week he sent us a message right before church asking my companion to give a talk so he had no time to prepare. Its starting to warm up a lot here. We hear summer this year will be miserably hot. I am super excited for conference! I cant wait! That's so awesome about Ignacio's baptism! Tell him I say hi. That's so cool!!!!!
This is how they make toilets here. They dig these huge man made holes. They are the biggest holes I have ever seen. It is kind of scary to think I'm sitting above a 30 foot hole!

A cool flower here in Argentina

Monday, September 22, 2014

1,000 missionaries in Buenos Aires!

Great game Jaxson!!! That's awesome dude! Picking peaches looked super awesome! Those are the best! I loved the story of grandma sharing the gospel!!!! This week was good. We received a letter from the Area President of an 18 year old girl from Bolivia, member of the church, who is lost here in Buenos Aires. She was promised a job here in Buenos Aires and came here and disappeared. Every missionary in our mission and I am sure in the other missions of Buenos Aires have a picture of her and information of her. The good news is there are like 1000 missionaries that are walking in every street of Buenos Aires everyday looking for her so I hope she gets found. Yesterday was the first day of spring here! Everyone in the streets were selling flowers. Yesterday two investigators went to church for the second time but they are not married and they work the whole entire week so we can't teach them but they really like church so I hope they keep coming! They are awesome! We dropped a few investigators because they were not progressing. Yesterday we found two families that look super good so please pray for them. This week I bought a tennis racket!!! It is pretty nice. I bought it for two ties and 5 bucks. A member also gave me a tennis ball so my apartment is like our tennis room. Every free moment I have I am playing tennis. Also for exercise one morning I found a wall out side and played tennis for a bit. It was awesome! I am eating a little more but not gaining weight at all. When i don't have lunch with the members me and my companion have started going to a restaurant from Peru. It is so good! I will send you pictures of the food. Thanks for everything!! Love you guys!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Milanesa with the Bishop every Sunday

Hola! That's awesome about Jaxson and Dillon in their races! Jaxson is crazy! This week went really well. We didn't teach as much as we would have liked but we found a lot of new investigators! We really needed this. We found a kid that is 18 years old named Andy. He is from Peru and is awesome! My companion is so happy we are teaching a Peruvian. Andy liked church and is really progressing. Grandma and Grandpa are going to the city where my companion lives Chilclayo! My companion was super excited to hear that. Saturday me and my companion met a lady in the street and we invited her to go to church and then we left. She is not married so we usually don't work with people that aren't married because it takes at least 3 months to get married here, but she and her family all showed up to church! This doesn't usually happen but it was awesome! They also invited us to have dinner with them this week! The ward is progressing a lot. The bishop here is hilarious. We have lunch with him every Sunday and I laugh the whole time. He is always making jokes about the members or investigators that came to church. We eat milanesa every Sunday with them. Milanesa is the most popular food here. It is just fried breaded chicken or fried breaded meat. It's pretty good. Thanks for everything. It would be nice to add to the prayer list Andy, la familia Quinteros, y la familia de Estafania. Love ya!

Monday, September 8, 2014

"A pocket with the hole in the bottom"

Hows it going.  That's a horrible story about Max Hall. I loved hearing about Jaxson's game! It sounds so fun to watch. Not a lot happened this week. We are finding people but then we drop them pretty soon. The ward is changing a lot! Yesterday the Bishop said this ward was like a pocket with a hole in the bottom. People get baptized and never came again. He said starting today we were going to seal the pocket and do our part with recent converts and less actives! We have like 10 different members every week that come out to work with us. It helps us so much! This week I was walking past a gate and a dog stuck it's head out and bit me right on the arm. I wanted to kill it. Luckily I had my coat on so it didn't hurt much. Thanks for the pictures. I would love to see some videos of Jaxson playing football. I love you all!  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Baptism of Aldo and Yolando

The Baptism of Aldo and Yolanda

This week was pretty good. Every year at the end of august here they have a huge storm. They call it Santa Rosa. This whole week was super hot. It went from winter temperatures to summer temperatures immediately. Then Sunday and yesterday the storm came. It only rained super hard during church so that was nice but it was raining hard. The chapel was vibrating. People said it was hailing some parts. And yesterday it was super windy and rained a mist. It was the coldest wind I have ever felt. Welp, I am staying here in Pablo Nogues with Elder Neciosup! I love my area so I am excited.  Yolanda and Aldo are doing pretty good. Yolanda is like 70 yrs old and Aldo is her grandson and he is 10 yrs old but we have to teach them separate because Aldo is progressing more than his grandma. He is awesome. We leave him a different chapter in the Book of Mormon to read everyday and the next day he can explain to us perfectly what happened in the chapter. It is hilarious. They can both be baptized this Sunday but we need to do a lot of work with Yolanda. She is so nice to us! I love teaching her! Please pray for them! This week im pretty sure I lost weight. We only had lunch once with the members. I was starving. A member in my ward works in the temple every Friday and he said he knows the Eberhards. Every member I meet here that works in the temple regularly know them! That's about its for this week! I loved the video of jaxson playing football! Love you!
Hows it going? This week was good! Yolanda and Aldo got baptized yesterday! It was awesome! The son of Yolanda and the uncle of Aldo came from Paraguay to baptize them! It was a really cool experience! The daughter in law of Yolanda gave a talk in the baptism about the Holy Ghost and talked about how the spirit is always guiding us. She said her and her husband came to Argentina for the weekend and wanted to go to church so they looked up the church closest to the house of Yolanda but the only direction they found was a church like 20 minutes away. So they went to this church and it was Stake Conference so if they went to any other church it would have been empty. In stake conference they found us and told us about their family. They had an awesome experience. Other than this, not a lot happened this week. BYU won? Are they supposed to be good this year? Who is quarterback? sorry its short today. Thanks for everything. Love ya!
The water pump for the house

Helping to build a house

The Chapel in Pablo Nogues