Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Baptism of Aldo and Yolando

The Baptism of Aldo and Yolanda

This week was pretty good. Every year at the end of august here they have a huge storm. They call it Santa Rosa. This whole week was super hot. It went from winter temperatures to summer temperatures immediately. Then Sunday and yesterday the storm came. It only rained super hard during church so that was nice but it was raining hard. The chapel was vibrating. People said it was hailing some parts. And yesterday it was super windy and rained a mist. It was the coldest wind I have ever felt. Welp, I am staying here in Pablo Nogues with Elder Neciosup! I love my area so I am excited.  Yolanda and Aldo are doing pretty good. Yolanda is like 70 yrs old and Aldo is her grandson and he is 10 yrs old but we have to teach them separate because Aldo is progressing more than his grandma. He is awesome. We leave him a different chapter in the Book of Mormon to read everyday and the next day he can explain to us perfectly what happened in the chapter. It is hilarious. They can both be baptized this Sunday but we need to do a lot of work with Yolanda. She is so nice to us! I love teaching her! Please pray for them! This week im pretty sure I lost weight. We only had lunch once with the members. I was starving. A member in my ward works in the temple every Friday and he said he knows the Eberhards. Every member I meet here that works in the temple regularly know them! That's about its for this week! I loved the video of jaxson playing football! Love you!
Hows it going? This week was good! Yolanda and Aldo got baptized yesterday! It was awesome! The son of Yolanda and the uncle of Aldo came from Paraguay to baptize them! It was a really cool experience! The daughter in law of Yolanda gave a talk in the baptism about the Holy Ghost and talked about how the spirit is always guiding us. She said her and her husband came to Argentina for the weekend and wanted to go to church so they looked up the church closest to the house of Yolanda but the only direction they found was a church like 20 minutes away. So they went to this church and it was Stake Conference so if they went to any other church it would have been empty. In stake conference they found us and told us about their family. They had an awesome experience. Other than this, not a lot happened this week. BYU won? Are they supposed to be good this year? Who is quarterback? sorry its short today. Thanks for everything. Love ya!
The water pump for the house

Helping to build a house

The Chapel in Pablo Nogues

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