Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, September 8, 2014

"A pocket with the hole in the bottom"

Hows it going.  That's a horrible story about Max Hall. I loved hearing about Jaxson's game! It sounds so fun to watch. Not a lot happened this week. We are finding people but then we drop them pretty soon. The ward is changing a lot! Yesterday the Bishop said this ward was like a pocket with a hole in the bottom. People get baptized and never came again. He said starting today we were going to seal the pocket and do our part with recent converts and less actives! We have like 10 different members every week that come out to work with us. It helps us so much! This week I was walking past a gate and a dog stuck it's head out and bit me right on the arm. I wanted to kill it. Luckily I had my coat on so it didn't hurt much. Thanks for the pictures. I would love to see some videos of Jaxson playing football. I love you all!  

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