Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, September 22, 2014

1,000 missionaries in Buenos Aires!

Great game Jaxson!!! That's awesome dude! Picking peaches looked super awesome! Those are the best! I loved the story of grandma sharing the gospel!!!! This week was good. We received a letter from the Area President of an 18 year old girl from Bolivia, member of the church, who is lost here in Buenos Aires. She was promised a job here in Buenos Aires and came here and disappeared. Every missionary in our mission and I am sure in the other missions of Buenos Aires have a picture of her and information of her. The good news is there are like 1000 missionaries that are walking in every street of Buenos Aires everyday looking for her so I hope she gets found. Yesterday was the first day of spring here! Everyone in the streets were selling flowers. Yesterday two investigators went to church for the second time but they are not married and they work the whole entire week so we can't teach them but they really like church so I hope they keep coming! They are awesome! We dropped a few investigators because they were not progressing. Yesterday we found two families that look super good so please pray for them. This week I bought a tennis racket!!! It is pretty nice. I bought it for two ties and 5 bucks. A member also gave me a tennis ball so my apartment is like our tennis room. Every free moment I have I am playing tennis. Also for exercise one morning I found a wall out side and played tennis for a bit. It was awesome! I am eating a little more but not gaining weight at all. When i don't have lunch with the members me and my companion have started going to a restaurant from Peru. It is so good! I will send you pictures of the food. Thanks for everything!! Love you guys!!

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