Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Milanesa with the Bishop every Sunday

Hola! That's awesome about Jaxson and Dillon in their races! Jaxson is crazy! This week went really well. We didn't teach as much as we would have liked but we found a lot of new investigators! We really needed this. We found a kid that is 18 years old named Andy. He is from Peru and is awesome! My companion is so happy we are teaching a Peruvian. Andy liked church and is really progressing. Grandma and Grandpa are going to the city where my companion lives Chilclayo! My companion was super excited to hear that. Saturday me and my companion met a lady in the street and we invited her to go to church and then we left. She is not married so we usually don't work with people that aren't married because it takes at least 3 months to get married here, but she and her family all showed up to church! This doesn't usually happen but it was awesome! They also invited us to have dinner with them this week! The ward is progressing a lot. The bishop here is hilarious. We have lunch with him every Sunday and I laugh the whole time. He is always making jokes about the members or investigators that came to church. We eat milanesa every Sunday with them. Milanesa is the most popular food here. It is just fried breaded chicken or fried breaded meat. It's pretty good. Thanks for everything. It would be nice to add to the prayer list Andy, la familia Quinteros, y la familia de Estafania. Love ya!

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