Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Getting referrals!

March 24
How is it going? Tell Riley Happy Birthday!!! I don't have her email. That's a bummer about byu. How did jabari Parker do this year? Have you heard if he is going on a mission? This week was pretty good. We are working with members a lot. We are starting to get referrals so were super excited about that. Yesterday at church we were expecting this huge family to show up but the mom and oldest of the family  just sent all the little kids to church so we had 7 little kids without their parents show up and they have never been to church before. They were super crazy. It wasn't the greatest. They were super loud and would not listen to a thing we said. But it turned out alright. Yesterday we had a meeting in the morning with our stake president and President Ayre. It was awesome! I learned a ton. Our stake president is super focused on the work and is super awesome. He kind of took over the meeting and told President Ayre what we need to do in our stake and President Ayre loved all of it. We are working a ton with the members and we still need to work a ton more with them. That's about it for this week. Pray that we can find the elect in our area. Thanks for the pictures and letters. Love you all!

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