Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, April 7, 2014


Happy Birthday Jaxson!!!! Have an awesome day! This week was awesome! I loved conference! I watched the Saturday sessions in Spanish and the Sunday sessions in English and the priesthood session started at 9 and that's when we have to be in our house so we weren't able to watch priesthood but we will see it soon! I loved all of it! The Saturday session Richard G. Scott recorded his talk in Spanish so it was fun hearing his voice and a few others also spoke Spanish so they recorded theirs also. I really want to hear the priesthood session. I heard President Monson said something about Jabari Parker? I loved the talk from Gary Stevenson about the Olympics and how this life is our 4 seconds. I heard people from Utah did super good in the Olympics? I also loved the talk from M.Russel Ballard! Take his challenge and study preach my gospel and invite at least 1 person every quarter! Its the least you can do. I also loved the talk of the sister that spoke Saturday morning. Remember to read the scriptures and pray daily and have a weekly family home evening. Thanks to you mom I have a testimony of Family home evenings! I love doing them in the mission! This week rained a lot but it is not cold at all! It feels so nice. I just go out with my umbrella and its perfect! Yesterday a cable or something exploded so we have no light in our pension and its super dark in our pension so we have been doing everything with these two candle lights we have. I feel like a missionary in the old days! I'm really enjoying it. That's it for this week! I hope jaxson enjoys his birthday! I love and miss you all!

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