Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, April 14, 2014

A barbecue at President Ayre's house

Hola hows it going? How was jaxsons birthday? Sorry I am writing so early but today President Ayre invited my zone and a few other zones to his house and we are going to have a barbecue so we have to do our mail right now! President is so awesome! This week my companion had a doctor appointment to see what they should do with his heart problems and he is going to have surgery in a few weeks. From what the doctor said it is really simple. It will take like 40 minutes and within a week he will be able to do what ever he wants. They are going to get to his heart by operating through his groin! He is so scared about that. But he is all good and hasn't had any problems for awhile. The day we went to the hospital was paro in Argentina. It's where they shut down everything. There were no buses, trains, subways, gas stations, and almost everything else was closed. And this was through out all of Argentina. And the hospital is a few hours from my area and we had no transportation so President Ayre drove us around all day. It was super fun. After the doctor appointment we found an open store and he bought us cookies, chips, and drinks and then we went to McDonald's and he bought us combo meals with mcflurrys! Mcdonalds was practically the only thing that was opened everywhere. It was awesome. This week was pretty good. We dropped a few more of our investigators because they were not progressing. We are working really hard on receiving referrals from the members. We had zone conference this past week and we are really focusing on visiting less actives and finding through them. The four types of less actives that president wants us to visit are members that are endowed, Return missionaries, Brothers with the Melchizedek priesthood, and Sisters that are widows and have kids. There are a lot of less actives and in actives in these categories and we are really trying to find through them. This week got really cold but I am enjoying it for now but I hear it gets a lot colder than it has been. Oh and I got one of my packages! The one with the blender and candy and peanut butter! Thanks for that mom- I loved it all! There is nothing better than American candy. Thanks for everything! I love and miss you guys. And next week is transfers so I will be writing you guys Tuesday.
Oh and make sure to thank Uncle Mike for the birthday card he sent to me. It was funny!!! He put some Spanish words in it.

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