Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, January 26, 2015

Oscar confirmed Milagros

This week went pretty well. Milagros got confirmed by her brother Oscar yesterday. It was a really cool experience. Oscar has like 5 months as a member so he was a little nervous but it turned out super well. Milagros has surprised me so much. When we first would teach her she wouldn't even look at us but she has opened up a lot right now. We have another investigator named Roxanna that is also really timid and we are struggling to teach her. She came to church and I hope she liked it. We are finding a little more but we feel that is our big struggle right now is find peope that will progress. We have an investigator named Jessica that is reading the Book of Mormon and is praying about it but she does not have too much faith that god will answer. She said she has gone to so many churches and asked god so many times but has never got an answer so pray for her. She is super awesome! This week its rained quite a bit. Right now its raining. Its nice to get a change in weather so I am loving it. I am still a little sick and its bugging me bad. Hermana Ayre thinks I have a sinus infection. I am taking antibiotics and its helping a little. But overall everything's good. This is the best time of the year here because its summer for all the kids so we have a ton of members that accompany us and help us out! I love you all!!!

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Wow the cruise looked awesome! Sounds like you had an awesome time! I want to know if the missionaries you saw could speak English. They are very few Latino missionaries in my mission that speak English.That is super sad about the wife of the salt lake mission president but are you sure it was the salt lake city south mission? I had President and Sister Chambers. But that's a sad story. This week went pretty well. Like Sam said about counting their numbers we had the same change. We are only focused on baptisms, confirmations, lessons with a member present, progressing investigators, and how many members came to church. Also right now we setting the goal of baptisms as a mission for 2015 and to do it we are setting a goal of baptisms with the bishop and ward mission leader of every ward. And then we will add the goals of all the wards up and that will be our goal as a misson. The mission is completely focused on working with the members! We worked with a lot of people this week and only two came to church. Their names are Cristian and Diego. Cristian 17 yrs old and is the nicest kid ever. He is also hilarious. Diego is also pretty cool. We will see what happens with them but please pray for them. Right now I am feeling so much better. I was sick for a while and it was the worst. I lost a lot of weight and that's the last thing I need. That's crazy about Jazmin! You guys never told me she was going to Japan! Also Chelsea, Lindsay and Holli are all going to serve??! That's awesome! My guess for Jake is London, England. Chelsea- Argentina Buenos Aires east. Lindsay- Argentina Buenos Aires south and Holli- Chili osorno. Welp that's it for this week. Love you guys!

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