Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Years!

Happy new years!!!! It was so fun to talk to you guys Christmas!! I had a blast! Since Christmas not a whole lot happened. Sunday Milagros and Milton came to church. Milton is a kid that works a ton so we cant really teach him but we invited him to church and he came and loved it! Milagros is getting along really well with the ward members and it is helping out a ton because she is still pretty timid but she is loosening up. Every six weeks our mission has a huge farewell for the missionaries that are going home and all the missionaries that are going home share their testimonies and things like that. In order to go you need to bring an investigator and its always an awesome experience for the investigators but this Sunday, we had the farewell and the hermanas in my mtc district shared there testimonies. It was super weird. I feel like I was in the empty sea(MTC) yesterday. I cant believe how fast time goes. It is getting super hot here. Especially humid. The nights are the worst. Welp that's about it for this week. Thanks for the letters and the pictures! Keep praying for my investigators and that we can find families to teach. Love you!

Happy New years!! New years here was good. We had to be in our house a 8:30 pm so it was just like a normal day. The 31st there were a ton of people drinking but the 1st they were all sleeping and the streets were completely empty. Dad about eating beans here i have never heard of that. In buenos Aries they don't really eat beans. I have had beans like once or twice in Argentina. New Years night there were just a ton of fireworks. I remember last year waking up to the fireworks but this year I slept right through it. But my companions said it was crazy. I really cant believe that it is 2015! This week was alright. No one is really progressing like we would like. We are trying to work more with the members. We know they know people but we are struggling to help them invite them. My companion is doing good. He is awesome! He loves to work! His Spanish has improved a lot! I love being with him. Welp that's about it for this week. Please pray that we can find the elect. I love and miss you all!!

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