Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, May 26, 2014

Went to the Buenos Aires Temple and Saw the Eberhards!

I cant believe you guys are boating already. That's so crazy. Here its starting to get really cold. I use my coat or sweater everyday. Here there are no heaters in the pensiones so we have to use portable ones, but my pension has a little fire place that works really good. It's so nice! This morning I went to the temple!!! It was awesome! I didn't see the Eberhards in the temple but right when I was leaving I saw Elder Eberhard walking around the temple so I ran and talked to him for a bit and then he brought me outside his apartment and I talked to Hermana Eberhard for a bit. It was fun seeing them. I will send you some pictures. This week we had interviews with president! They went really good. I have learned so much from president Ayre. He told us 6 things we can do to be a successful missionary. Be completely obedient, Do every thing with love, Teach a lot of lessons, Always strive to improve my teaching, Be bold, and Use my personality! This week the work went pretty good. We have been working really hard with Sergio. He is doing everything really good except for giving up smoking. We are trying to a lot of different things with him but he has not progressed at all with giving up smoking and he does not have much confidence. Right before Sacrament meeting yesterday he stepped outside to smoke. It was kind of funny but we weren't too happy about it. We found a few new investigators this week but a lot of them are like what Sam said - here no one is married. Its kind of frustrating but we found a few people that have a lot of interest. Yesterday was my companions birthday! He turned twenty four years old! Its so crazy. We didn't really do anything special but it was a fun day. Have fun boating! I love you all!!!!

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