Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, June 23, 2014

Transferred to La Cabana

Today was transfers and  I got transferred to la cabaña! Its it provincia and its super different than capital. I am with elder Martinez from Mexico! He is super cool. His older brother served his mission in Guadalajara Mexico like 10 years ago. I will miss my old area a bit but I am excited to be here. I loved being with Elder Florez! I had a blast with him. Sunday they divided my old stake. President Gonzalez and another member from the Seventy came to do it. The church was full of people! They had to put a TV in every room in the church so everyone could watch. The new Stake President is Chinese! Its kind of cool. President Gonzalez talked a lot about the Book of Mormon. He said we need to always read this book even if we don't understand it. He said we need to pay attention how we feel when we read it. 
Is school out there? I am all backwards right now. It is pretty cold here and all the members are giving us hot chocolate when we visit them. I feel like its Christmas sometimes. My new area is so different from where I have been. La Cabaña means the cabin in English. There are like two log cabins in my area also. Sometimes I feel like I am in the mountains. There are pretty much only dirt streets and and little houses every where. Every night people put little fires in front of their houses and burn there garbage or yard work stuff. I come home at night smelling like camp fire. My ward has like 70 active members. In the chapel there is only like 8 rows of benches. Its super small. There is a member here that lived in Utah for about ten years and was a member in the branch where I served in Kearns! It was super funny talking to him about that. My companion is awesome. He is from Chalco, Mexico. He doesn't have a lot of time in this area so we are working on getting to know the area and more people. I already love the area. I feel like there is a ton of potential here so I am super excited to be here. Pray that we can find families here in this la cabaña. Thanks for everything. I love you all!

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