Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, May 19, 2014

Around town with Elder Florez

Facturas!!! These are so good!!! Its like 25 cents for every one!

My front door into my building

This is the supermarket by my house

I found the tennis courts!

Above the Freeway

Elder Florez
Hola como estan?? This week was good! We had a few investigators that made it out to church. We found Sergio this week and he is awesome! About 20 years ago he investigated the church and went to church for about 3 months but never found an answer about the church. Right now he is reading and praying but he smokes about 10 cigs a day. We are really trying to help him quit smoking. We know this will help him recognize his answer. Pray for Sergio so that he can give up smoking. He has tried before and couldn't do so, he tells us its impossible but were going to help him change this. This week started to get really cold. Everyone says winter just started so I will see how winter is here. A lot of the people that live in the streets are starting to leave because it is cold at night. I have no idea where but they are not here. In my ward there is an elder from Mexico and he made us lunch on Wednesday! He made hot sauce and we had a ton of tacos of meat and chicken! It was so good! Everything is going good here! I am loving my time with my companion! We are always having fun! He is hilarious! I love and miss you all!

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