Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, September 23, 2013

On a bike in Kearns

This week was pretty good. My new area is really small but I am enjoying it. I only cover three wards. I dont have a car anymore so I am on a bike, so I love that. I am a lot more focused throughout the day because I am constantly riding. The wards here are so small. They are smaller than my spanish branch. Yesterday I went to all three wards. The first one was at 9 and me and Elder Merenda had to pass the sacrament and do the opening and closing prayers. THe next two wards were at 12:30 and we had a confirmation in one ward and we were speaking in the other. We hurried and did the confirmation and then ran over to where we were speaking. Me and Elder Merenda both prepared 15 to 20 minute talks and right as we walked into sacrament meeting we were up to speak and they told us we only have 5 to 10 minutes so it was kind of hard to pick what to talk about and what to leave out right on the spot. But both of our talks went really well. I talked on members in missionary work. We really need that here. Even though I am in english, I am still in kearns so I get a few opportunites to speak everyday. I now get language study so thats really good too. Thats a bummer about BYU. Everyone here are big Utah fans so they are all pretty happy. My landlords were watching the game and they are big Utah fans so I loved hearing them yelling and getting into the game but sunday morning they kind of rubbed it in my face. It is nice to participate a lot more and understand people's concerns. I am teaching a 15 year old kid Jose right now and we are planning to have him and his sister baptized on October 12th. I love teaching him because his parents only speak spanish so I get to talk with them and it helps me a ton. I am loving it here right now. I have learned so much. I love the scriptures more than anything! Thanks for everything! Love you!

Elder Roberts
ps  I got a letter today from some visa department. It just said that they are grateful for my service here and the church is trying their best to get it. They said as soon as they get it they will notify my mission president here. But I am loving it here, but continue to pray for my visa and fast for my visa. You guys are the best in the west! Love you

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