Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, September 16, 2013

In Kearns - English speaking!

Well an elder in my zone had to go home so they put me in his spot. I am still in Kearns but I am english speaking now so I am kind of bummed about that. I am with Elder Merenda. He is from Pennsylvania. He is way cool. This week was really good though! My old landlords have a trailer, so me and my companions spent a night in it! It was awesome. It rained that night so it reminded me a lot of camping! Me and my companions started to just speak spanish to each other and it was really helpful. But now I will just be speaking english. We would run into people on the street and my companions wouldn't speak any spanish so it was really hard but it was way fun. Saturday I got to go to the South Jordan temple and do baptisms with recent converts in the ward. I got to baptize and confirm and it was all in spanish so it was way fun. My new place is bigger but not as nice. I am still in a member's basement. I have loved the weather lately especially when it rains! I am loving it here! I am kind of bummed about the english assignment but it will be alright. That is awesome about Max winning student counsel!!! His poster was awesome! Thanks for everything! I love and miss you al!! I hope grandma bliss starts feeling better. Tell her I miss and love her so much and I am constantly praying for her. Remember to pray for my visa!

Elder Roberts and Elder Merenda!

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