Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Living in Kearns!

This week was really good. That is awesome about BYU! I would have loved to watch it with Grandpa! This week I gave a blessing in Spanish. It was so scary! I was expecting my companion to do it but after the oil annointing he just said "your up. It went alright. I hope it made sense. I went to the stake baptism on Saturday and they had nothing prepared so right before it started they asked me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost and it was all in spanish. I was pretty scared but it went pretty good. I love the food here. People from Salvador eat these things called papussas and they are delicious! Some things aren't very good though. Last night for dessert a family was making snow cones and I was super excited because the flavoring bottle said tigers blood! It was not tigers blood. It was like rotten fruit. It was really disappointing. I loved the rain on Saturday! Spanish is really hard! I still don't speak it enough, but its getting better. I miss you guys! Love you!

That is so sad about Grandma Bliss. I will for sure keep her in our prayers. Tell her that I love her!  
Elder Roberts

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