Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Sunday, August 4, 2013

No one is going to Argentina. Where will I be going?

This week was really good! It is still really hard but I am learning a ton! I find out either tomorrow or Friday if I am getting reassigned! I haven't heard of anyone going to Argentina yet. There is a rumor that starting in September Argentina will let more missionaries in but that is all I know. I have met so many kids going to my mission and a ton of the kids I meet are going Argentina. I got a haircut today. I buzzed it and it feels awesome! On Sunday me and Elder Thurgood had to teach a 50 minute lesson. It went a lot better than I expected. I do almost the same thing everyday. I usually have gym first thing in the morning. I play basketball when they let us and its way fun! When they don't let us go into the gym I run around the mtc a few times. I have gained about 10 pounds! I hope I can gain a little more. After gym time I have personal study for 1 to 2 hours. Then I have breakfast. I am not a big fan of the breakfast here. I love the cereal but the meals are not that good. I eat a ton of fruit but I am starting to get sick of it. They only serve cantaloupe, pineapple and honey do. I eat a bowl of those every meal and I am starting to get super sick of them. After breakfast I have 3 hours of class. During class I usually teach for an hour and then learn new Spanish things for the rest of it. After class I have about 2 more hours to study and then lunch. Lunch and Dinner are not bad but they serve chicken with everything so I am starting to get sick of that. After lunch I have another 3 hours of class. After class I have TALL for an hour. Its a language computer program. After tall I have dinner. After dinner I have 1 to 2 hours of Language study. Then I plan for the next day and have about 30 minutes of free time before I go to bed! That is what I do almost everyday. There are a few things that switch up but its all pretty much the same. Some days can go by slow but for the most part they go by fast. When I came into the mtc we had five districts in our zone and now were down to 2 and we didn't get a new district today. Church will be weird with only 16 people there. I eat lunch every meal with my district. I usually only see Jordan at meal times but everyone just sits with there districts. The only time I get to off campus is when I visit the temple grounds on Sunday and when we go to the Marriott center on Tuesday nights. Everyone that has spoke at the Marriott center is a General Authority. I have no idea who they were but they were really good. They give me 6 bucks a week at the book store here. I don't really use it that much. I don't really need anything. The new scriptures are coming out this week so do you want me to buy them down here??? Also should I dry clean my suits before I leave? And dad you never told me if I should buy a card reader here at the mtc. Most computers you need one to upload pictures here. Also when I buy stuff should just use my card or should I use the cash I brought with me? Its looks like Yellowstone was a blast! That's crazy football has started! I cannot believe Jaxson is playing this year! I wish I could watch him! He will be awesome. Try as hard as you can to get him on Maxfields team! Max and Ryan, I bet you guys are super excited! Mom Your packages are the best. Everyone says thanks for the packages. I am loving it here but would also love to get into the field. I love learning so much everyday. I miss you all so much! I love you!!!

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  1. Hey, hope your having a good time, we all miss you so much, we know that you will be a succsesful missionary in Argentina, and in Draper too:) Well, we're always thinking about you, and cant wait to see you soon! well kind of soon, 2years seems long, but you'll enjoy it so it wont seem as long. It might not be perfect every day, but in the long run you'll love it, we love you so much:) hope you had a great day!

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