Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm going to SALT LAKE CITY!

Elder Dave Southwick picking up the missionaries. He was Wayne's boss for many years. (What are the odds of that?) He passed along this package to Parker! Thanks Dave!
August 14 
This week was really good! I am getting really excited to serve in South Salt Lake. I still can't believe I am serving there! On Sunday I had to give a 5 minute talk in Spanish! It went pretty well. The last few days have been pretty lonely because my whole district left. It is weird not seeing them. Yesterday for the Tuesday night devotional I got to hear from Richard G. Scott!!!!! It was awesome. He talked about prayer and the spirit was so strong. It was really good. At the end of his talk he gave a Apostolic blessing to every missionary learning a language with the gift of tongues! It was so cool! I am so glad I was able to hear him speak. Yesterday I went to the dentist so I got to go off campus. It was way fun. The shuttle driver who drove me to the dentist lives in the room right next to Tyler. It was fun to talk to him. I loved hearing the mtc lady talk to you guys on the phone. I think it was Jaxson that answered the phone and I loved hearing that. Ya the lady at the dentist was so nice! I hope you loved the picture! Packing was pretty hard. Mom I wish you were there to help me. My big bag weighs exactly 50lbs and my small one weighs 35lbs and my backpack is like 25lbs, but they are all packed with stuff. I am getting on the front runner at 12:50 so I am excited for that. Well maybe I will see you in the next few weeks! I love and miss you all!

August 19
This week was pretty good! Mom I loved your package. I got it right off the Front Runner. Thank you so much for that. The dentist gave me this sensitive tooth paste and I used it and the next morning I did not feel a thing when I brushed, so my mouth is perfectly fine now! I am serving in Kearns!! They put me with the zone leaders so I am in a trio! My companions are Elder Johnston and Elder Birch. Elder Johnston is from Atlanta but his family just moved to Lehi and Elder Birch is from Arizona. I really like them. Right after I got dropped off and met my companions, we took an investigator up to Temple Square and got a tour there! It was weird being in Salt Lake, but it was fun. There is a lot of Spanish here. We are the Spanish elders for our stake so we mainly work with Spanish people but we run into a few English speaking people. I cannot understand a thing everyone is saying! It is really hard. Also because I am with the zone leaders, they are super busy so I hardly get anytime for language study, so it is pretty hard. It is pretty ghetto here.  I guess in Kearns tracting is really effective so we do that a lot. The Hispanics are really nice but a lot of the white people are not too happy when we knock on their door. They get pretty mad sometimes. We mainly tract in apartment complexes and there are a ton of those. This area reminds me of the ghetto place on the movie The Blind Side where Mike's mom lives. A lot of people smoke so I do not enjoy going into their homes. I live in a members basement. There are two rooms and a bathroom. One bedroom with 3 beds in it and all three of us have to share a closet. The other room is where we study and there is a fridge in there also. I don't think anyone here has air conditioning so I am constantly sweating. Even where I live there is no AC, so it is so hot but I am always so tired that I can fall asleep pretty fast. I don't think 8 hours of sleep is enough. I am tired throughout the whole day and it is hard to stay focused. There are times where I can't keep my eyes open. The Mexicans here make way good food! I don't know what most of it is and it is really discolored, but it's delicious! Church was kind of weird. We have Priesthood first then Sunday School and then Sacrament. I did not understand anything at church. After church we took another investigator up to Temple Square! It is fun going up there! I miss and love you all so much! Thanks for everything!
Elder Parker Roberts
Ps. I totally forgot my camera so I will send pictures next week. Remember to pray for my visa! I just read a letter from Jake Owen and he is in the Argentina empty sea. He said in September and October they are going to send all the missionaries going to Buenos Aires over there so I might only have a few weeks left here so I will make the most of it !!!

Pictures taken from the car! And yes it is fuzzy, but there is Parker holding my bright orange package!

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