Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Last week in the "Empty Sea"!

                                               Jordan's last night in the MTC! See you in 2!
Hola familia! This weeks was really good! Spanish is still really hard but it is coming along pretty well. Yesterday I got to teach a family in Mexico through skype! It was so fun! It was an old lady and her grandson and granddaughter. I had a hard time talking to the old lady so I mainly talked to the little kids. They were so funny! They loved singing songs to us. This past week my district has been the only district in our zone so when a district leaves their teachers come to our class! It has helped out because there is a lot more one on one time. Instead of having one teacher in each class, we have 3 or 4! It is pretty crazy. This past week I have worked a lot with Crayton Hardy and that's been way fun. For the Sunday night devotional Dallin H Oak's daughter spoke to us! It was really good! She is super good at the violin so throughout her talk she would play some songs on the violin! It was awesome! 
I loved seeing Tyler! I was so happy to see him! I won't be able to call you until I go to the airport which will most likely be Monday or Tuesday So if you want to hear about my reassignment have Tyler come and find on Friday! And when I call you from the airport, everyone has been leaving really early in the morning so answer the phone if you get a call 2 or 3 in the morning. Also the empty sea wont have the scriptures until end of this month so could you send me some??? Tell them to give you the missionary discount. I haven't heard any good news about visas. I hope that changes. I love playing basketball in the mornings! Its super early to play basketball but I still love it. Elder Estrada in another district has some heart problems so he got extended an extra two weeks, so he has to stay with us so our room and it is pretty full. He had to go to the mtc hospital yesterday so I got to ride in a car with him. It was pretty fun to ride in a car. Today my zone is getting two Portuguese districts! I am excited about that. That is about all that happened! Thank you so much for the packages! I love them. If you have anything else to send me, Saturday is probably the last day I can pick it up. I love you all so much! Miss you all! Have fun at the family reunion. I loved Grandpa and Grandma Clark's letter! Tell Grandma and Grandpa Roberts thanks for the package. I will send you pictures later today!

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