Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Staying with Elder Bonilla in Virreyes

Magali's Baptism

The Navone Family

The Ponce Family

Today is transfers and I will be staying here in Virreyes with Elder Bonilla for my last transfer in the mission! I cannot believe it. Josh Jensen wrote me a letter today. He is my friend that was in Grandma and Grandpa's ward in Peru! He said Grandpa is a legend in Peru. He said Grandpa baptized so many leaders there!
This week was good. Magali got baptized! She is also from the Ponce family. She is awesome! The whole family are members except the mom and her son who is 18 yrs old. But they are all so awesome! This past Friday was a holiday in Argentina. Every year for this holiday everyone makes a stew called locro. Its pretty good. It takes like 6 hours to make it. Our ward made it Saturday and they started at 5 in the morning! But its super good. Its full of all sorts of meats, a ton of vegetables and also intestines. Right now we really need to find more investigators. Sunday we found a kid named Adrian. He is 15 yrs old and his dad is a member. He is so awesome. He went to church and loved it. He is really open with us and he really wants to change! Please pray for him. Welp that's about it for this week. I can't wait to talk to you guys on Mothers Day. I think I will be calling you guys at like 6 or 7 in Argentina time so I think that will be like 2 or 3. Love you guys!
Elder Roberts

Grandma and Grandpa Clark with one of Sam and Parker's good friends from Alta, Josh Jensen, all serving in Peru.

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