Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, April 27, 2015

Love the Ponce Family

This week was great! The ward is super excited about the Ponce family. They are so awesome! Lucas, Facundo and Sergio received the priesthood yesterday! Johnny and Andrea are incredible people! They came to church again yesterday! The ward has done a lot for them also. Our Stake President also went and visited them this week! Johnny and Andrea have so much faith. Andrea told us she wants to get baptized so bad and they both love learning about the temple. They told us this week that their son won't return to them but they have to return to him! Thanks for the prayers and keep praying for them! The area is going pretty well right now. We really need to find new people right now. We are working with Magali right now. She is another member of the Ponce family. She could get baptized this week so please pray for her. The mom of the family also is doing great but we cant see her Monday through Friday because of her work schedule. She has been coming to church and really likes it. She smokes a lot so we are trying to help her with that. Her name is Eugenia. I am loving this ward. This ward is amazing. Everyone is so united and involved! Thanks so much for all the prayers! Love you guys!

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