Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, April 20, 2015

Sweet Bastian!

Hola!!!! This week was awesome but also really sad. I don't know if you remember Johnny and Andrea. They are awesome investigators. They go to church and everything, but they cant get baptized because Johnny doesn't have his DNI and they can't get married. This Thursday, their 3 yr old son was hit by a motorcycle and killed. The story is so sad. The guy that hit him, robbed the motorcycle and when he hit Bastian, he gunned off and they can't find him. Friday we went to a funeral thing that they held for Bastian and it was so sad. Johnny and Andrea are devastated but they are also so strong. Sunday they went to church! They both have a testimony of the plan of salvation. They are huge examples. The ward is also devastated. But the members are doing so much for them, it's incredible. Please pray for them. Yesterday 5 members of the Ponce family got baptized! It was so awesome! This family is incredible! This family has a ton of potential and they will do great things in the gospel! We are working with a kid named Andres. He went to seminary everyday this week but we are struggling to find time to teach him. We have only taught him once. He went to church yesterday and really liked it. Please pray for him! That's about it for this week. Please be praying for johnny and Andrea! Love you guys!!!

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