Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Baptism of Alejandra, Gloria, and Tito

Hola familia! How's it going? This week went pretty good. First off my companion is Elder Brady from Holladay Utah. He is from the same ward as President Ayre, His Spanish is alright. I am trying to find ways to include him more in the lessons. He is awesome and super funny! He loves our area La villa! Yesterday Alejandra and Gloria got baptized!! It was an awesome experience! I have loved teaching them. They have both changed so much! I know that your prayers helped them out a ton so thanks for that.  Right now we really need to find more people to teach. We are finding quite a bit of people then dropping them right away.  Tito was also baptized. He is an awesome kid. I want him to serve a mission in a year! The sad thing about him is he is moving to Bolivia this week so we have one more week with him. His baptism was awesome also!
That's about it for this week. Sorry it is so short. Have a happy thanksgiving! Love you guys!!!!

Elder Roberts 

1. Alejandra and Gloria's Baptism
2. Tito's Baptism
3. Elder fernandez and the villa

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