Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Sunday, December 7, 2014

German Pancakes

HOLA!! How was thanksgiving?? Thats awesome that you guys played a family football game! I would of loved that! For thanksgiving me and my companions didnt have lunch so we made german pancakes! It was super good!!! Other than that thanksgiving was just a normal day here in argentina. Everything is going really well with my new companion. He is working really hard with the language so i am loving that. He is constantly studying spanish! I speak almost all spanish to him. This week we found a lot of new investigators but not a lot progressed. Saturday two teenagers came up and talked to us in the street and we invited them to go to church and they came! I think they are more interested in us being from the states but we are going to work with them so keep them in your prayers. There names are jason and darien. I played tennis again this week but didnt play too good. I lost 6-3 but the set took like one hour. We had some awesome games. My backhand is just horrible. Thats about it for this week! Thanks for all the prayers and everything else. Love ya!

Elder Roberts

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