Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Trick or treating in the Villa

Hows it going?? Halloween was super good. In the villa they actually trick-or-treated. It was so fun to walk in the villa with a ton of kids dressed up! Welp, last Tuesday I had my tennis match and it was so fun! We played one set and I was up 4-1. Then I totally choked and lost 6-4. But its all good it was so fun. I have their number and I am going to start playing him every week. Last week was so hot and this week it rained a ton. It was the hardest I have ever seen it rain. A part of the villa got flooded pretty bad and me and my companion went over to check it out and there were houses just totally flooded. We helped one family clear out their house and after like an hour and a half of scooping water, we taught them a short lesson and they came to church! It was awesome! Yesterday Erika Balderrama got baptized. She is super awesome! Her two brothers both passed their baptism interviews but have a few doubts about being baptized, so please pray for them. They are super awesome! Alejandra came to church with her family and also her mom and she is doing really good. Please pray for her. She could get baptized this Sunday but we need to work a ton with her. We also found Titto and he is awesome. We found him and he invited us in and he had a book of Mormon and gospel principles on his desk. He has friends that are members so he has been to church 3 times in Bolivia and other wards in Buenos Aries. This ward is super awesome! Our mission leader is incredible! He works so much with us. He has a ton of awesome goals and plans. Welp that's it for this week. Love you guys!

Elder Roberts
Happy Birthday Mom!!!!! Hope you have a great day!!! This week was pretty good! First off I had another tennis match and it went a lot better. I lost the first set 6-4 but I won the second set 7-5! It was so fun. I am playing with him again tomorrow morning at 6 in the morning!!!! This week Alejandra, Gloria and Titto went to church. They all loved it! Titto is good to get baptized this Sunday but he is moving to Bolivia November 30 so it depends on what President says. Gloria and Alejandra are doing super good but they really need your prayers. They are ready to be baptized they just have a few doubts. This Saturday an apostle is coming to talk to our mission!!! They haven't told us who it is but I think its between Elder Christofferson or Elder Nielsen!!! I'm super excited! That's about it for this week. I want to hear how the football games went! Mom have an awesome day! Love you guys!

Photo: Here in Argentina there are big tanks of water above all the houses or apartments and it holds all the water that we use. We went to pay our rent and they asked us if we fixed the tanks lid that broke off several months ago and we had no idea what they were talking about. So we up top to check out our water and this is the water we have been using for several months. Drinking, showering and everything. I about died when I saw it. 

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