Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I am loving Argentina!

Mom I hope you had an awesome birthday! Your birthday dinner looked awesome! My mouth is watering right now thinking of crab and lobster! This week was super fun! I am loving Argentina! I am in San Martin right now! I cover half of a ward but my area is huge! We do a ton of walking. My Spanish isn't the greatest but I am learning so much right now. I am completely immersed right now so all I speak is Spanish. I can communicate fine with my companion. If I am confused about something, he explains it in a way I can understand. It is really nice to be with a native. I feel really safe here. Other missionaries over-exaggerate things. All of the members say it is really safe here. There are a few sketchy places in my area, but for the most part it is really safe. I will carry my camera for a few days this week so you can see where I live. It has been hot here but it has rained a few days and when it rains - if I don't have my umbrella -I am sopping and I mean sopping! Yesterday I had to change mid day because I was like a sponge! This area has been really slow for the past while so we are working really hard right now. Me and elder Molina have been out the same amount of time so we are both new but things are going good. Yesterday at church we were expecting 3 investigators at church but only one came. The other two I guess were sick but I was excited that one came.  After church we found a family of four and taught them and it went pretty good. I love the area I am in! It is like an old, big town. It is like a big Radiator Springs but with a lot of people. There are a ton of people from Peru here so I eat a lot of Peruvian food but it is way good. Pray for Jessica and Ever and for the Ortega family! Ever wants to be baptized right now but the rest of them are searching for an answer. Thanks for everything. Love you!

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