Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


 The ocean with Buenos Aires in the background
 The City
How is it going familia? Argentina is awesome! It was so fun meeting the Eberhards at the airport! I loved that! It was so fun to talk to them! I am sorry that my typing is horrible right now I have never used a Spanish key board! Transfers were today so that is why I am writing today. This last week they put me with the zone leaders in the city until transfers. It is a crazy city. There are streets and streets of massive buildings. There are just doors everywhere and each door has like a hallway with tons of rooms just full of families. Today I just got transferred to the provinces. I have only been there for like 20 minutes so I don't know much about it. My companion is Elder Molina. He is from Rancagua Chile and speaks no English so I am using my Spanish a lot. It is already really hard but I am learning a ton. Colton Page served in his ward back home so he freaked out when I told him I knew him. He asked me if I knew anyone there and right as I said colton page he pulled a picture out of his scriptures with him and Colton. He said they write each other every week.  Dad to answer your question about Halloween, they don't celebrate it here. It looked like a normal day to me. Sunday the Zone Leaders that I am with had a baptism! I only taught her once but she is 90 years old! It was awesome! I love this mission already. President Ayre is awesome. We only work through the members so we don't knock any doors at all. I knocked a lot of doors in SLC and didn't find it effective at all. Something they do here that is really weird is they kiss each other a lot and everyone kisses everyone even the guys so I am not really used to that here. There are a lot of Peruvians here in Argentina and for some reason I am struggling to understand anything they say. The food here is good so far. The big meal of the day here is at 2 so I get pretty hungry at night but everyone says I get used to it. I will try to take as many pictures as possible but from what I hear, you shouldn't take your camera out much. At my orientation they said don't be surprised if you get robbed. If they see that I have something, they will take it. The companions I was with for the past week have both been robbed and one of them lost like his first 400 pictures in his mission so I am a little scared to take my camera out in public but I will try.My companion also knew David Archuleta. That is how Colten Page came up because I remembered they served in the same mission. I will tell you this again next week mom but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I think it is on Sunday so I hope you have an awesome day! I remember you always asked for no fighting but that was when I always got in fights, so I am sorry for that! I hope you have an awesome day! You are the best!!!! I love you so so so much!!!!! Have a great week! have to go right now, me and my companion are going to the church for something. Thanks for everything. I love you! 
 Buenos Aires, Argentina Temple
Picture from day 1 serving in the Salt Lake City South Mission. Photo taken by Mom hiding in her car as Parker and the other elders got off the Frontrunner Train!

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