Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Friday, July 19, 2013

Week 2!

Happy Birthday Dad!!! 
Hope you have an awesome day!! This week was really good! I am loving it here now! Spanish is way hard but it is coming along! I love the packages! Thanks so much! We just got finished teaching our first investigator and usually they give you two investigators after your first one but they decided to give us three so we have to teach 1 or2 lessons a day for like 30 minutes! It is way hard but it is good practice! Our first lesson with our first investigator went nowhere. We were planning on getting to know him and then teaching him the first lesson but everything we told him, he just shut down. Also we still don't know very much Spanish so the whole time the investigator was laughing at us and calling us gringos! It was really hard! I love gym time but we have the worst schedule for it. I can only play basketball once maybe twice a week so I am really bummed out about that. We usually have personal physical exercise so we just run around the mtc campus- but it is at 6 in the morning so it makes me so tired! The food here is getting better. Some meals are good but others are horrible! Every Tuesday night we have a devotional in the Marriott center! It is awesome. The last two weeks we have had two general authorities and they have been really good! Its awesome seeing like three thousand missionaries walking to the Marriott center. Cars just stop and start taking pictures. It is kind of funny! I saw Tyler again a few days ago! I love seeing him! It is way fun! We do the same thing everyday so there is not much to write about but I am loving it here! I love and miss you all a ton!!!

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