Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, September 21, 2015

Pictures from my mission to Buenos Aires, Argentina North mission!

Ward Family Night

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Boca vs. River

Parque Avellaneda

Parque Avellaneda. Villa Sildanez

Los Piletones

Elder Brady and Kevin Mendoza

Erica Balderrama
Sergio Balderrama


La familia Gavilan

Romina and Jose

Elder Roberts, Elder Brady, Elder Schwendiman, Elder Cabrera

Companions with Elder Molina for the second time!

Candy from Chile!

New church in Virreyes

Argentina Milk


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Island of Tigre

Filling up the baptismal font in virreyes

Felipe and Amir

Felipe and Gabriel Saracho

Daniela and Felipe Llandal and Alejandro

Felipes baptism with bishop Rogelio Florentin

Back Yard in Virreyes

Tigre Zone


Alejandro and Bishop Florentin

Matching Ties

Derek and Yerco


Elde Molinas planner

Elder Bonilla


Baptism of Pablo

Mtc companions! Elder Thurgood and Elder Bamgartner

Baptism of ariel with Carlos and Gladis Navone

Elder Bonilla cooking Felipes home made choris

The Ponce family!


Argentina keys

Argentina super market outside my house( Chinos)

Magali Ponce and Mariano

Hermano Honrado! The greatest ward mission leader

Jose, Elder Fernandez, Oscar, Elder Roberts, Erica

Ponce Family

The Navone Family

Elder Martinez

Argentina Asado!!!


Streets of Virreyes

Soccer courts everywhere

River in Virreys

Mini MTC training in San Fernando

Streets of San Fernando

Elder Rios

Argentina Buses

Bowling with the zone on P day.

A bottle on top of a car means that its for sale in Argentina

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Mini streets in Virreyes

Elder Bonilla

Gauchito Gil( A very popular saint in argentina)

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