Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Elder Bonilla is my new companion

Letter from Parker
March 24
Hola!!!! I am writing today because today is transfers. Me and elder Molina will be separated. I have loved being with him for the second time. He is such an awesome companion. I am going to miss him a ton! My new companion is Elder Bonilla from Honduras! It is very possible that he is my last companion in the mission. He got baptized when he was 12 yrs old with his whole family. He is 21 yrs old! I have never had a companion younger than me in my whole entire mission. I am super excited to be with him!! This week Derek got baptized! It was an awesome experience! We found him one day in the street and found out that he lives with a family that are members. He was really prepared! He is awesome! We are working with a few investigator right now. A few weeks ago we found Maria Jose. She got baptized 20 yrs ago and is inactive right now. Her kids are Ariel and Pablo. They are 15 and 11 yrs old. They have been going to church for two weeks. This week Ariel went to seminary a few times. They could get baptized this week but they will need a lot of help. Please pray for them. We have been working with Brian. He is 15 yrs old and his grandma is a member. He has came to church for three weeks so please pray for him. This week we will be working with Jose and Janina. They have a family with 5 kids and are struggling right now. The parents went to church for the first time Sunday and talked with the bishop. The church is going to help the family with food and things like that. We taught them once and they had nothing in their house. They didn't want to sit on the floor so we had to teach all standing up. But the lesson went great. Please pray for them. Thanks for everything! I love you all!

March 30
HOLA!!! That is sad news about Spencer's dad. Spencer is such an awesome kid. That would be so hard. 
This week was good. My new companion is awesome! He is a super hard worker! The ward is progressing a ton! Yesterday the bishop came out and worked with us and he told me before I leave this ward they will split the ward in half and make two separate wards! I am excited to see what happens. A year ago this ward was a Branch and it is growing so much. Everyone is so young. The bishop is 30 yrs old. One of his counselors was baptized only 5 yrs ago. All the leaders in the ward are like 20 something yrs old. For the last hour of church yesterday, the bishop got the whole ward together and taught about missionary work. It was so awesome! This Friday we will do a church open house!!! I am way excited! In my last ward there were baptisms that came out of a church open house. We are still working with Ariel and Pablo. They are progressing very well. Please pray for them. Also pray for Brian. He is feeling a lot more comfortable in church and is progressing very well. We are going to start working with the Robles family again. This is the family that their dad passed away 5 months ago. They are so awesome! The weather here has cooled down a ton. Its so much better at nights. Its officially fall right now! Dad, in my area there is a huge GSK building! I was really surprised when I saw it. Welp that's about it for my week. Thanks for all the prayer! Love you guys!
Elder Roberts

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