Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, July 21, 2014

Elder Neciosup is hilarious!

Hows it going? Dad how was your b-day? Not much happened this week. My new companion Elder Neciosup is hilarious. He is always making me laugh. He laughs at everything. I am really enjoying my time with him. We are working a lot more with our ward and it is helping a ton. We got more referrals this week and it helped us out a ton! We do everything we can to get referrals from the members. There are not a lot of members here, but the members we have are awesome! This week the weather was super good. It's been really hot but the nights get pretty cold. Earlier this week one of the dogs in our yard ran out of the gate and then came back like 5 minutes later and fell down and died. I am pretty sure it got hit by a car because I have seen it run around in the streets before, but the owners think it had a heart attack. They left it in the yard for a few days but yesterday we helped them dig a grave. My back is so sore.  That's awesome you guys are in a tennis tournament! I want to hear how it goes? And I took out 500 pesos from my credit card and it worked! I took it out of my savings but I haven't tried to use it as a credit card. Thanks for the pictures! Love you guys a ton!

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