Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Paulina's Baptism!

Yesterday we baptized Paulina. She has been investigating the church almost her whole life. Everyone in her family are members. We live in her daughter's house. It was a really good experience for their family. Yesterday was also the confirmations of Emanuel and Camila. We are still working with there family a lot because half of them are not members and Emanuel and Camila do not have a problem inviting their friends and family to talk to us. Almost every time we have a lesson with them they bring someone new! They are awesome! We found a few more investigators this week so I am super happy about that. In Argentina there are these places called villas and they are awesome! It is a massive place where people just went and started building cement huts and connecting them to others and building on top of each other. We have had a hard time making time to go into the villa but this week we finally went in! It was awesome. It is like a massive maze of just huts! My first day president said these are really good places to find humble people so we are going to start working in the villa! I am loving Argentina! It is still so hot and it is only supposed to get hotter. The kids playing soccer in the streets remind me exactly of jaxson- it is not even funny. Some even look just like him. They have their soccer jerseys and are just going all out playing soccer! I love it! When I have to wait for the bus or train I love just watching them! It still doesn't feel like Christmas but I am loving it. I love my Christmas tree mom! Dad thanks for the pancake idea. Every morning I have pancakes with dulce de leche! Its so good! Pray for the Ortega family. They really need the gospel! Thanks for everything! Miss and love you all!

Hola! Today was transfers and me and elder Molina are staying together in San Martin! I am super excited about that! Sam said he is training!!!! That's awesome! This week my ward had an end of the year/Christmas party. We went to a big campsite that is owned by the church with lots of pavilions, a swimming pool, basketball court and lots of soccer. We had a huge barbecue and then played soccer for a few hours! I got destroyed but it was so fun! It was so hot. There is a part of my neck that hasn't seen the sun since I left on the mission and it got fried. The pool would have felt so good. This Sunday was kind of a bummer. None of our investigators showed up. But this week we found a lot more so I am happy about that. Every day just gets hotter and hotter. I wish my shower could go colder. This week I pulled out my ipod to give one last try and it works perfectly!! Its a Christmas miracle! So now I am loving the Christmas music! I cant wait to skype with you guys. If there is anything I need to do you need to tell me now so I can get everything ready! Thanks for everything! Love and miss you all!
 Yummy bananas with caramel/chocolate sauce!

We take these trains everyday

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