Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, December 2, 2013

Baptism of Emmanuel and Camila!

This week was pretty good! Not a lot different happened. At church we had 5 investigators and like 4 other non-members there, but we haven't counted them as investigators yet. Sunday was the primary program and one of our investigators is 8 years old, so everyday this week we practiced primary songs so that she could sing on Sunday. It was way fun. It was a super good way for us to keep in daily contact with this family.  It was another really hot and humid week. Here we do a ton of walking. We cover half of a ward and I have never been to over half of my area. In Salt Lake I would plan somewhere to go every 30 minutes. Here we can't do that because we have to count for walking time, buses and trains. But I really like it because we are constantly moving and are super busy. Spanish is getting better each week. I am starting to understand a lot better but it is still really hard. Any snow and skiing yet?  I miss and love you guys!

HOLA! Today I have been working on visa stuff all day so I only get like 2 hours of pday but I got the package you sent me mom! I haven't opened it yet but it looks like maybe someone went through it. I also opened one of the packages you sent me while I was in salt lake that said open December 1! I loved it! Thanks so much for that. Yesterday was the Baptisms of Emmanuel and Camila! It was awesome! Their whole family came to church and the baptism and it went really good for them. After the baptism their dad said he felt a lot of peace, so I think this was really good for him. We don't have a ward mission leader so we had a lot to do to prepare for this Baptism. Thanksgiving here was just like a normal day. I didn't even know it was Thanksgiving until like noon. For lunch I ate at a Peruvian restaurant which was really good. This week was another hot week except it rained for like 2 days which was really nice. Everyone says it gets super hot during like January so I am trying to get used to it. That's crazy Sam has lost 15 pounds. I wouldn't be surprised if I have lost weight too. Here I have breakfast at 7 and then lunch at 2 and that's it. Everyone says I would gain weight but that's hard with only two meals a day. Dad, I have not eaten much candy besides what I brought from salt lake. The only candy I buy here is a few pieces of gum to chew in my house. They do have panderias here and I am trying to get my companion to run with me in the morning for workout and buy bread and facturas but he says his feet will hurt. I am so tired of doing the same workouts every morning. You need to send me a list of things I can do. I do drink a ton of soda here so thats probably not the best. I cant believe it is Christmas time. It does not feel like Christmas at all. Do you have snow yet?? I wish I had snow here. I miss and love you all!

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