Elder Parker Roberts

Elder Parker Roberts

Monday, February 24, 2014

Touring Argentina on P-Day!

Touring Buenos Aires

Yesterday was the baptism of Brisa and Agustin!! We found their mom like 3 weeks ago and she was baptized in Paraguay but moved to Argentina and has never been to church here. She came the next day to church with her two kids and they all loved it and they have come every week since! Other than the baptism not a lot happened this week. They celebrate valentines day here but I saw nothing. The month of February here, they do this thing called carnivals where they play drums in the streets and dance and they are all dressed up but we have to be in our pension at 9 every night and the carnivals start a little later so I only see them preparing. Hardly any of our investigators showed up and we have dropped a lot of them. We really need to find more this week. This week I had the weirdest lesson of my life. There is a family in this ward that is from Ukraine and they only speak Russian and a little bit of Bulgarian. Except there son can speak Spanish so he has to translate everything. This family was baptized in Bulgaria and it was huge. They said the church wrote a book about them. But it was so weird teaching them in Spanish and then hearing it translated into Russian. That's about it for this week. Pretty much every pday we play soccer but today my district -we are going to tour a little bit of the city so I am excited for that. I miss and love you all! 

Love Elder Roberts2-24
HOLA! That's awesome about Taylor's mission call!!! When does he leave?A few missionaries in my group waited in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for their visas and they loved it! This week was alright. Yesterday we had our two confirmations but other than that it wasn't the best. None of our investigators showed up to church. It was a bummer. We had one that has started coming with us every week but he lives with his girlfriend and is not going to get married or separated so he cant be baptized but he comes to church with us every week so we don't count him. Saturday we had lessons with all our investigators and they were all committed to go to church. Sunday morning we passed by and couldn't find any of them except for one. The one we found has a problem with drinking on the weekends. In the weekdays we have awesome lessons with him and he says he is not going to drink on the weekends but the past two weeks he has done it. Sunday morning we talked with him and his arm was really deformed because he fell off his roof because he was drunk so he went to the hospital rather than church. So we dropped pretty much all of our investigators and we are starting pretty new this week. Sorry probably a boring letter but not a lot happened this week. I am doing awesome. I am loving it here! Pray that we can find people prepared for the gospel. I love and miss you! 

Elder Roberts

 stuffed dog. creepy!
 The other side of the swamp is Uruguay
Love the shadows from the ship. 4 pesos to tour this ship. Worth it!

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